Medvedev blames Poroshenko for events in Ukraine

ukr_Dmitri_MedvedevRussian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev places the blame for what is happening in Ukraine personally to President Poroshenko. Prime Minister wrote this on his Facebook page.

“By interrupting the ceasefire president Poroshenko made ​​a dramatic mistake. It will bring new victims. And for those, he is now personally responsible”, – Medvedev said in a statement. According to him, such a move complicates a return to negotiations.

Russian Prime Minister promised that Russia will defend its markets from the results of Ukraine signing of Association Agreement with the EU. Medvedev also predicted full gas crisis in the autumn of this year. Head of government called “cynical” the remarks of the U.S. State Department spokesman Marie Harf that Ukrainian refugees travel to Russia to visit their grandmothers. Actions of the Ukrainian leadership, according to Medvedev, considerably complicate the development of relations between the two countries and make it impossible to cooperate on a number of issues.

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