Ukraine: Terror in Kharkov

ukr_terror_HarkivUkrainian authorities in Kharkov joyfully report, that from the 6th of April till now they have thrown 314 people into the local dungeons. The same actors who in January-February were wringing hands over the fact that Kiev detained more than 100 people during the riots and yelling about unprecedented repression against “peaceful protesters” now happily applaud terror against Ukraine’s own citizens. Unlike the Donbass, the vast majority of detainees in Kharkov did not take up arms, were not about to kill Nazis and their hangers-on – they just had a different opinion, they dared to disagree with the coup, with the ugly government course that plunged Ukraine into a civil war. For this they are now being actively pursued, including for simply daring to voice their disagreement publicly.

Thus, a significant part of Kharkov population faces internal occupation, while violence and terror of authorities has long and repeatedly surpassed all existing and imaginary crimes of the regime of Yanukovych. And as it turned out, Maidan protesters see nothing wrong with terror, persecution of dissidents and their destruction when it is not applied to themselves.

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