Ukrainian President wants a break

Poroshenko tries "puppy look" in front of the cameraKiev will not succeed by force to regain control of the eastern regions of Ukraine. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko acknowledged this in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro. Poroshenko also called a mistake the decision to not give Russian language the status of an official regional language.

“We are well aware that we will never succeed to get back these regions by military action”, – the president said, adding that it is necessary to “engage in a struggle for the hearts and minds of people.” According to him, Kiev is ready to decentralize power in Ukraine and “to immediately start rebuilding the infrastructure of the eastern regions and invest in the industry”, using money allocated by the European Union and the United States. “But none of this can not be done in a state of war” – he complained.

So what happened that he is suddenly all so white and fluffy? Is this “Plan B”?

Poroshenko desperately needs a break. The president needs time and resources to form own armed forces, get a financial foundation and political support. He needs to prepare to the fall farce “Elections to the parliament” to stop being a boy for beating. So he has to soften the rhetoric.

The problem is, whatever Poroshenko needs, Timoshenko – who controls the parliament – absolutely does not need. And neither does Kolomoyski, who has the only real army throughout Ukraine and grabbed for himself the most delicious pieces of the former country. Timoshenko ultimately risks losing everything, and Kolomoyski ultimately risks losing even more.

In  this light, those two will not go to any risks and therefore any steps of Poroshenko that may somehow contribute to the strengthening of his position will be ruthlessly blocked. Any hint of the possibility of transition from words to deeds will be rebuffed with a full range of riots, from the notorious “Third Maidan” to a “march on Kiev.”

In other words, the political elite of Ukraine are not “on the verge of a strife.”
The feud has already begun, and there may be no mercy.


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