110,000 Ukrainian refiguees in Russia and counting

ukr_refugees_campThe number of Ukrainian refugees in Russia reached 110 thousand people. Such data were announced by the spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Melissa Fleming, reports Reuters.

According to the UN, about 9500 people appealed to Russian authorities for granting them an official refugee status. Eastern Europe recorded about 700 requests for asylum.

Earlier on Friday, June 27, the deputy director of the Federal Migration Service of Russia Nikolai Smorodinov reported that 98,000 Ukrainians requested to provide them a legal status that would allow them to stay for a longer term in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Russian Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko provided other data. According to her calculations, on the whole there are about half a million immigrants from the east of Ukraine in Russia.

According to Russia’s MOE, 17,000 Ukrainians settled in their temporary camps in the territory of Russia. Most are located in the Rostov region and the Crimea. Federal Migration Service of Russia promised to extend the stay permit for refugees from Ukraine from 90 days to one year. Officials intend to simplify the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for this category of persons. In addition, the Ukrainians that receive the refugee status, will be issued a lump sum allowance for settlement.

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