Ukrainian president tries out “Heil! + Fuck!” in an EU summit

Ukrainian leader combines the Nazi "Heil!" and U.S. "Fuck!" in a single gesture.

Ukrainian president Poroshenko cleverly combines the Nazi “Heil!” and U.S. “Fuck!” in a single gesture.

EU summit demanded that Moscow change their position on the situation in Ukraine. They gave Russia 3 days. Otherwise, the EU is ready to go for more stringent sanctions. The corresponding statement by the leaders of 28 countries of the EU have been published in the final report after the meeting, reports Agence France-Presse.

The list of requirements of the European Union includes things like liberation of the hostages at the border crossing points and start of negotiations in the east of Ukraine no later than June 30. EU conditions were voiced by Peter Poroshenko, Ukrainian president, at a press conference in Brussels, where he also tried out his new landmark gesture – a combination of Nazi’s “Heil!” with American “Fuck!”. Leaders of the countries have agreed to meet at any time, if necessary, to adopt new sanctions against Russia.

Following the referendum on joining the Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia EU and the U.S. have adopted a set of restrictive measures against Russia. In late April, Western countries have accused Russia of escalating the conflict and imposed new sanctions against it.

Russia kept its distance from the war in Ukraine so far and tried to facilitate the peace negotiations. However, the EU and Ukraine keep blaming the chaos and civil war in Ukraine on Russia’s interference. It is not quite clear how Russia could satisfy these new requests of the EU without involving directly in the Ukrainian conflict.

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