Inna Avdeeva charged with terrorism by Ukrainian secret service

ukr_Inna_AvdeevaUkrainian Secret Service has never been famous for high moral principles, oh, and professionalism too. Since 2004, the Secret Service has retained only greedy, arrogant and not very clever bastards. Tenacious – yes. Resentful – yes. Corrupt – yes. But not professionals. Secret Service is now unable to fight the real militia and resistance. And because of that all over the South-East in the last week they resort to reprisals  against defenseless – teenagers, boys and girls. Buck before Nalivaychenko and Poroshenko – and intimidate civilians. Classic terror – arrests of defenseless and young.

Yesterday in Odessa Secret Service arrested Avdeeva Inna, known in the social network “VKontakte” as Alice Chenskaya. The girl’s fault was that she repeatedly wrote on her page “Novorossia will be” (a slogan in support of the eastern republics). Secret Service could not find anything else after searching the girl’s house and this remains the only charge in the materials of her file: social network page screenshots.

Secret Service has ordered her to be kept in jail until August 21 as a “preventive measure”. Secret Service is preparing to charge Inna with “Terrorism.” Kiev is going to put this girl away for 12 years – only for the fact that she did not go along with the Maidan herd and dared to have her own, personal, human opinion.

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