Vladimir Putin commented on events in Ukraine

putin_speaksVladimir Putin has commented on the events in Ukraine. Russian President touched on all sensitive issues: the bloodshed in the south-east, the refugee problem, the split in Ukrainian society, attacks on journalists and diplomats.

“We stand for a complete cessation of bloodshed in this conflict, including especially along our borders. Unconstitutional coup in Kiev, the attempt to impose an artificial choice between Europe and Russia onto Ukrainian people pushed the country to split and immersed it in painful internal confrontation. The victims are mainly civilians. We see in the southeast there is bloodshed, there is a real humanitarian disaster, tens of thousands of refugees forced to seek refuge, including in Russia. We see killing and atrocious pursuit of journalists performing their professional duties. We see attacks on diplomats in violation of all norms and conventions as was the case with the Russian Embassy in Kiev and Consulate General in Odessa,” – said the President of the Russian Federation, – “Ukraine must return to the path of peace, dialogue and reconciliation, the main thing is to provide a long-term ceasefire, as a prerequisite for meaningful negotiations between Kiev authorities and representatives of the south-eastern regions. We sincerely want to promote that peace process. ”

This statement was made today by Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin at the ceremony, during which 14 new foreign ambassadors presented credentials to the President.

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