Interview with Ivan Okhlobystin

– How can a single person embody the Orthodox Church teachings and statements like “burn sodomites in furnaces”? You have preached many times for forgiveness.

– That is absolutely normal. One can find strict instructions in Scripture on this point. Sodom and Gomorrah were burned…

– And at the same time you talked a lot about God’s forgiveness …

– There are borders and limits beyond which the human logic and power of persuasion do not apply anymore. In this case you need to follow the Scriptures to the letter.

Ivan Okhlobystin– What is written on your shirt?

– People’s Republic of Donetsk. I think these people deserve it. They defended their right to an independent life. They do not have to be killed, they have to be supported for what they are doing. They do not represent evil, evil is completely on the other side. It is natural for the Russian society to support them – they are Russian. Of course, there is the Ukrainian-Russian blend but we see what happened in Odessa, Mariupol and other places – it’s terrifying. The most important is to prevent murder of those people.

Wiki: Ivan Okhlobystin.

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