Ukraine National Guard can search any house at will

One day before the end of the truce Ukraine has expanded the powers of the forces involved in the so-called anti-terrorist operation.

Kiev authorities have published a new law that expands the powers of the military in the fight against militias in the south-east of the country on June 25. The law was signed by President Peter Poroshenko and shall enter into force on the day following its publication. According to the new law now any military forces or National Guard can break into any, in their opinion, suspicious apartment and perform a thorough search.

Act expanded the powers of the Communications Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service. Now they also have to fight with the militia. Drawing on their existing manpower, they can detain and “neutralize” individuals whose actions allegedly present a threat to life and health of others.

In addition, the law expanded powers for the Border Guard of Ukraine. Now the staff also become participants in hostilities, helping military throughout Ukraine, and not only on the territory of the state border crossing points.

Ministry of Defense, military authorities and military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are charged with protecting their own property – weapons of mass destruction, missiles and small arms, ammunition, explosives and poisonous substances in military units. They also must mobilize all forces and means of the Army, Air Force, Navy Armed Forces of Ukraine to combat militias.

ukr_Masha_MatiushenkoYesterday in Dnepropetrovsk, “courageous fighters of terror” from the group “Alpha” ransacked the apartment of Matiushenko Masha, took from her family four mobile phones, two computers and one tablet, which belonged to her thirteen year old sister. They also confiscated the telephone of the sister. “Would you care to have our TV?” – Masha’s mother asked, watching this “anti-terrorist operation”.

On the same day the “terrorist fighters” searched two more apartments. The Ukrainian authorities perform massive interrogations and arrests in Dnepropetrovsk, accusing people of only one thing – their opposing political views and criticism of the government in social networks. Arrests are performed both by security services and the ultra-right militants.

As the war in the Donbass region escalates, the question of political terror against dissidents and anti-fascists acquires increasing importance for the Ukraine government, since deterioration of the socio-economic situation will serve as a breeding ground for the growth of the anti-fascist resistance, not only in the Donbass, but also in the occupied territories in the west of Ukraine. Against the background of growing terror against its own population how ridiculous now the accusations of Yanukovych regime of the “war against its own citizens” look…

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