Ukrainian President threatens to commit suicide

ukr-Strelkov-interviewArmy Commander for Donetsk Republic Igor Strelkov named the conditions under which a ceasefire may be declared in a region where the fighting continues for more than two months, reported LifeNews.

“First – withdrawal of Ukrainian troops to a distance of at least 10 kilometers from the main army garrisons of Donetsk Republic and Lugansk Republic. Second – the cessation of military operations of Ukrainian aircraft over areas controlled by militias. Third – the cessation of any artillery shelling of civil settlements and militia positions, “- said the Gunmen.

Under these conditions the militia, he said, are willing to observe the ceasefire and negotiate.

Ceasefire last week (June 20) was announced by Ukrainian President Poroshenko. He ordered the militia to lay down arms and liberate the occupied buildings in exchange for amnesty. The truce was to last one week (until June 27) but it was torn down in the first day. Battles were fought, in particular, near the Ukrainian border. According to the militia, the Ukrainian Army also continued artillery fire in Slaviansk and its environs.

Talks with representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk republics (in particular, Prime Minister Alexander Beard), Russian Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov, former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma and the OSCE were held in Donetsk on June 23. Following the meeting, the leaders decided to maintain the truce. But the fighting did not stop after that. According to Strelkov the Ukrainian Army continued the bombardment of Semyonovka (suburb of Slaviansk) on June 24. On the same day the militia gunned down a Mi-8 helicopter, killing nine people.

According to the commander of the militia, Ukrainian Army continued to accumulate the forces around Slaviansk and militia-controlled regional centers – Donetsk and Lugansk. “They expect to finally pull enough troops under the cover of the ceasefire and then execute a blitzkrieg” – he said. – “That is, try to simultaneously eliminate all resistance points, hitting Slaviansk, Kramatorskaya, Donetsk and Lugansk.”

President of Ukraine, for his part, threatened earlier that if his peace plan does not work, he will execute a “plan B”. His adviser Yuri Lutsenko said that he is talking about “destroying those who destroy the Ukrainian state from the inside.” This certainly sounds like a threat of a suicide. Let’s keep our hopes high and fingers crossed.

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