Ukrainian soldiers will wear helmets from WW II

Реконструкция Житомирско-Бердичевской наступательной операции в 1943 годуSoldiers of the 10th Battalion of the Zhitomir territorial defense force of Ukraine, who are preparing for redeployment to the zone of special operations in the east of the country, report that they were stocked obsolete ammunition.

For example, the soldiers were given helmets from 1943. “If a shell fragment hits this helmet, it will not protect the head and the minimum that a soldier will get is a concussion,” – they said in a statement. Moreover, they noted that many troops are sent into combat zones without any helmets, body armor, and communications equipment at all.

A Ukrainian military insists that the state officials “force them to write in the reports that the battalion is ready to be sent to the war zone”, but the resources allocated by the Defense Ministry are not sufficient. “The only thing we received in sufficient quantities so far is small arms,” – he said.

A few days ago, he said, the government finally sent the necessary ankle boots – before they had to to walk in slippers or sneakers. The soldiers are also dissatisfied with the quality of combat training.

Military operations in eastern Ukraine has been going on for several months. Army and National Guard confront militias in Donbass. During the clashes over this time hundreds of people, including civilians, were killed. President Peter Poroshenko has declared a truce from 20 June but the militia did not support the ceasefire under proposed conditions.

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