Ukrainian media showed World of Tanks as “Russian invasion”

ukr_tanks_gameUkrainian TV Channel 1+1 showed videos of Russian tanks as a proof of the Russian army offensive on Donetsk. The video turned out to be gaming exercises near Moscow landfill, reported

What was shown on the video are game exercises arranged by the fans of the popular online game World of Tanks. The machines all sport logos of WoT. The visuals were accompanied by an inscription that this is supposedly a footage of Donetsk region.

The author of the video, Sergey Karapetyan, was critical of Ukrainian journalists in his comments. “Oh, God, what morons they are in the Ukrainian media. Took a piece of my video of the T-72, inserted it into a plot, and supposedly those became tanks attacking Donetsk. They were not even confused by the fact that all tanks have paint logos of WoT. No shame, no conscience, not a drop of brain in their heads, “- wrote Karapetyan on Facebook.

Earlier, Ukrainian media quoted military reported column of Russian armored vehicles moving in the direction of Lugansk. According to the data presented, the vehicles allegedly passed through the village Hryaschevatoe from the side of the border with Russia.

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