Ukraine: “Patriots” or “criminals”?

ukraine-protesters-militaryIt would have been funny if it were not so sad for the country of Ukraine. Yesterday’s “heroes of the revolution” came to disagreements over what counts as a “patriot”.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on his Facebook page that he refused to enroll volunteers presented by the Radical Party leader Oleg Lyashko into the battalion for special operations in the south-east of the country. According to him, Lyashko tried to enroll ex-felons into special forces.

“Oleg Lyashko, showing off in his best PR patriot light, said that the Interior Ministry and specifically Minister Avakov do not listen to his advice and therefore betray Ukraine. YES, I did refuse to enroll in the special forces people from Lyashko’s list” – wrote the minister – “Of the first 15 candidates: one person listed as wanted, 11 have outstanding convictions, four have two convictions each. Half of them had cards identifying them as members of “volunteer defense force”. Do I really have to arm these people on the recommendation of Lyashko? No – I would not!” – said Avakov.

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