Gas pipeline blast: did Ukrainian nationalist leader keep his word?

Back in March 2014, the leader of Ukrainian nationalists, Dmitry Jaros, threatened to blow up the pipeline connecting Russia and Europe to deprive Russia of the funding source.

“We remember that Russia is making money by driving oil and gas to the West through our pipeline – so we will destroy the pipeline, depriving the enemy of this source of funding. Let the earth burn underfoot, let them drown in their own blood,”- said the leader of the right sector in his appeal to the government. Simultaneously Dmitry Jaros encouraged the development of “guerrilla and sabotage groups, which in the case of the occupation will operate in enemy territory.”

It seems, Jaros has kept his promise. The explosion occurred on the pipeline “Urengoy-Uzhgorod-Pomary” through which Russian gas is delivered to Europe, in the Poltava area one kilometer away from the village Iskovtsy. No one was reported injured by the explosion. According to eyewitnesses, after the explosion, the flames rose to a height of 200meters.

Ukraine Gas Pipeline Blown UpAccording to local residents, they heard two big bangs just before the explosion which indicated they were deliberate explosions.

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