Ukraine: 49 dead were not on the airplane

Three days ago the news agencies reported that a Ukrainan airplane with 49 crew members and troops aboard was shot down as it appoached Luhansk airport. It turns out that the conclusions were made too soon.

First, the results of the investigation showed that not a single body fragment or tissue could be found at the crash site. Second, before the attempted landing of the aircraft the airport site has become an in-fighting ground for the Ukrainian troops. According to intelligence reports, there was a fire exchange between Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv groups of paratroopers on the ground.

The Ukrainian authorities apparently decided to cover up the military casualties of that internal battle and their bodies were taken to the site of the crash. Thus, the responsibility for the dead is shifted to the Ukrainian Army. According to Bolotov, the leader of the Luhansk Republic, the plane was empty, because it would have been impossible in this short time to gather all body remains if there were any.

Letuchi Hohlandec“We are waiting for assistance from Russia but at the moment we have to rely on ourselves only. Combat advantage is on the side of the enemy, so we would welcome Russia’s help,” – said Bolotov, – “Following a statement recognizing the independence of Luhansk Republic by South Ossetia the situation may yet change in a positive direction.”

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