NATO Photo of Russian Tanks in Ukraine Fabricated

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) provided satellite imagery Saturday that appeared to reinforce Ukrainian and U.S. claims that Russian tanks had crossed into Ukraine in recent days. Now we know where those photos were fabricated.

Analysis of fabricated NATO photoIgor Petruk, an employee of the National Space Agency of Ukraine, has been sent to the war front in the Eastern Ukraine because he knows entirely too much. He refused to cooperate. Here is his story.

Good afternoon. I appeal to you personally and from the name of my co-workers, because the situation in our lives is critical. I am an employee, or rather a former employee, of the National Space Agency of Ukraine. I was fired for refusing to go to war in the East against my own people.

But the real reason of course no one will tell you. We are here specialists in the field of space, not the Army. We were only useful to the Agency until our management decided that we knew too much, and wanted to send us away to die in the Donbas war.

And we do know some really interesting things. Everyone has seen the pictures from the spacecraft released by NATO in May and recently in June, depicting the Russian military equipment on the border with Ukraine. In fact, these images were prepared in our space agency, and published through NATO to enhance their credibility.

The pictures are actually obviously fraudulent and would not stand absolutely any criticism, which fact has been repeatedly reported to Koval (Colonel General of Ukraine) even at the stage of fabrication, but the Defense Ministry did not care.

Now let me explain what was added and fabricated on photo released on June 14 by NATO members.

Picture covers a land area with the size of 10×6 km, which is located at the landfill site Kadamovsky (Rostov region., 15 km northeast of Novocherkassk).

In section A it shows three tanks on prepared positions near a concrete covered pad (A1) and one on a dirt road (A2). On real pictures of the same area a concrete pad and prepared positions for armored vehicles are absent. The appearance of the terrain A2 (roadbed and its surroundings) on the fabricated image is also significantly different from the real published photo materials.

On site B, which depicts three tanks on a prepared position for armored vehicles, one can actually identify one armored vehicle and a photo-montage (collage) of two tanks (“clones”).

On site B, there is a column of three tanks on cargo platforms, with the picture showing solitary trees, dirt road and shrubs that are not present on the real space images.

Some of these defects can be seen with an untrained eye. Experience of our staff allowed us to insert some enlarged fragments of photos taken on a completely different territory.

I am telling you all of this as it is. You understand that such provocations only lead to aggravation of the situation. This is very dirty methods, and I do not want and will not participate in them. I also do not want a war with Russia, which is provoked by America and NATO.

I am sure that our defense ministry and U.S. experts will not stop at this. If there come more similar falsification I can comment on them as an expert.

— Igor Petruk


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