Why am I forced to finance the war in Ukraine?

eu_flag_bombsWhat is that? Why am I forced to support the war in Ukraine? EU has provided 250 million euro to Ukraine. That is not a loan, that is a grant – a present in other words. Excuse me? That is my tax money you are giving away!

So now my money is going towards supporting the civil war in Ukraine instead of getting better roads in my town or even supporting some poor chap down in Greece somewhere. At the same time, the Ukrainian army (or whatever bands connected with the government) announce they will order more drones to survey and attack the positions of the civil resistance in the east of the country. If they have money for that, I suggest they use the money “to assist to the Ukrainian government in carrying out short-term tasks” instead of my money. If they don’t have money, then I am definitely not interested to sponsor that war.

I know this is not the first time EU meddles in the other countries’ business. But this time it is not “humanitarian aid” or “defense of helpless”. This time this is an obvious and open support of civil war. I say it’s enough!

I am not interested in a new fight for the next Great Empire. I am not interested in assisting U.S. in their plans for their military bases. I am not interested in war. Not at all. Brussels seems to have new plans for us that rival the plans of Berlin a few decades ago. And they want my money for war. I think my answer is going to be a “no”.


I object in no uncertain terms to this use of taxes. I have been apolitical but I will make sure that my vote goes to any party and person that will keep EU focused on EU and my country placing the interests of my country ahead of those of EU. I will do whatever I can starting now. Making me finance the war in Ukraine is way out of bounds.

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