Obama needs a cool billion for war

ukr-obama-fightersThe U.S. president Barak Obama requested an additional billion dollars from Congress to increase the American military presence in Europe. The reason set forward by Obama is that the European allies are “worried about Russia”.

The plan is to increase the number of troops located around Europe and to provide them with additional training. The Navy will also be beefed up in Black and Baltic seas. U.S. is also planning to use the territories of countries that are not members of NATO for its military bases: Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

The U.S. president announced his plans and dedication to “defending” Europe at the visit to Poland where he is meeting the newly elected Ukrainian president. This announcement goes well to celebrate the 70th anniversary of U.S. troops disembarkation in Normandy, the so-called D-Day, where nine to ten thousand men, one third of the deployed force, were killed on 6 June 1944.

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