“Do we look like terrorists?”- ask coal miners

coal miners are asking: "do we look like terrorists?"Donetsk is still trying to recover after the bloody battles of Monday but the Ukrainian military aircraft are circling above it again. A fighter plane is circling low above the city while helicopters showed up in the vicinity of the airport that was the main battlefield at the beginning of the week.

At this same time coal miners of Donetsk held a massive action demanding to stop the military operations in the east of Ukraine. Several thousand people brought flowers to the World War monuments in the center of the city and then walked through the city chanting anti-fascist and anti-war slogans.

The 14 schools closest to the airport did not open today and two hospitals are closed for the fear of new attacks. Yesterday workers at four coal mines announced a strike to protest the military operation of Ukrainian government against the population in the East. The mobile phone network works intermittently. During the day there were explosions and gun fire was heard from the side of the city closest to the airport but apparently the conflict did not grow into an all-out battle like on Monday.

Some people are leaving the city of Donetsk. Four bombs exploded in the middle of the area attacked with mortar fire. The nearby school was damaged, nine people were injured. Two people have suffered injuries when a bomb hit near a car they were driving. The car burned down and the people were brought to a hospital with injuries and severe burns.

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