US is losing support over Ukraine

ObamaEven the hardcore allies of US are beginning to get tired of the confrontations that the States provoke around the world. Ukraine so far failed to be a “splendid little war” and the situation raises serious fears among the countries that remember the World War II raging on their soil. However hard the propaganda may try to reverse the truth, there is no denying the killings of civilians, the destruction of economics and suffering of the people that the civil war in Ukraine is bringing about. And some are just having enough of it and of the rhetoric that blames it all on Russia.

“The aggression against Russia always comes from the West, Germany should exercise restraint,” said Willie Kern, a pensioner visiting the poignant memorial to the 80,000 Red Army soldiers killed in the battle of Berlin in 1945 as he looks at the well-tended gardens there, adding that Germany’s place is between the United States and Russia. “Why do we always have to establish democracy throughout the world? The citizens are supposed to decide,” he said.

Despite tough rhetoric from Chancellor Angela Merkel and the threat of economic sanctions on Russia beyond the visa bans and asset freezes already in effect, Kern’s cautious views are reflected in the wider population. They are reluctant to enter a geopolitical conflict with Russia. Now, many Germans are wary of policy being dictated by Washington. Their misgivings are articulated by left-wing politicians, including Gregor Gysi, a leading member of the Left party, who has accused Merkel of supporting “fascists” in Ukraine’s government.

People and organizations within US are also not at all happy about the rough handling of US interests in Ukraine that remind them vividly of Vietnam. Amnesty International published a statement after the pro-European forces shot several civil protesters in Slavyansk. “International standards on the use of force and firearms are clear – law enforcement officials should resort to the use of firearms only in defense against an imminent threat of death or serious injury. They should apply other non-violent means before resorting to the use of force, and the use of firearms must always be the last resort. When the use of force and firearms is unavoidable they must exercise restraint and take steps to minimize damage and injury and preserve life,” Heather McGill, Ukraine Researcher at Amnesty International, has said.

US paratroopers preparing to invade Ukraine

The United States is frustrated at the reluctance of some European nations, most notably Germany and Italy, to follow the US-led policy on Ukraine and Russia as it would be more credible for US to act in concert with the EU rather than on its own. Still, Barack Obama is likely to ignore the dissent both inside the country and with European allies and may push for more direct control of Ukraine before the tide turns back. As already more than 10,000 paratroopers are deployed along the border and the US military aircraft is patrolling the airspace of Ukraine at night, only a little step remains to commence invasion and occupation of Ukraine by the “democracy-bearing” gunslingers.

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