Who are terrorists in Ukraine?

ukraina-svastika Ukraine Internal Affairs Ministry reports they killed “5 terrorists” in Slavyansk. I think they are out of their minds. Who do you call terrorists? These are your own people, your own country folk you are killing! You know what? They correctly call Ukrainian government fascists, since you are planning a genocide against your own people. Of course, we are by now used to States calling every war they fight an “anti-terror” operation but you are dealing with your own people inside your own country. And you are waging a war against your own people.

I have a proposal for Ukraine. If these are your own people you are killing, then by killing them you are placing yourselves on the same line with all the other fascists of the planet and there will be no forgiveness. If those are not your people, if they are foreign to you, leave them alone and let them live their lives however they themselves choose.

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