Democratic Ukraine? Yeah, right!

ukraine_protest_321I talked to a German friend and he asked me how to understand what is going on now in Eastern Ukraine. So I said, “imagine that you are not seeing Ukraine and Russia but Eastern and Western Germany at the time before they re-united. You separate them and people try to get back together.”

He was really shocked by that comparison and do you want to know why? Because, he says, “Western Germany was a democratic state, so we were bringing democracy to the Eastern Germany. With Ukraine, it is the opposite, Russia is trying to bring dictatorship to the democratic Ukraine now.” Now it was my turn to pick up my chin up off the floor.

Ladies and gentlemen, whatever your position may be on recent events in Ukraine and wherever you want to see it all end up, Ukraine does not have a democratic government now. Ukraine has suffered a paramilitary coup d’etat disposing of the properly elected democratic government. Whatever your opinions may be on whatever is happening between Russia and Ukraine, please, understand, that EU and US governments are embracing illegal powers that constitute, judging by recent events, a militant dictatorship in Ukraine.

Even if we go by your favorite definitions of democracy, there is none in Ukraine. The next elections in Ukraine are in May, or, quite possibly, at the end of the year. Until then, there is no democratic government there, there is only a bunch of people with guns, got it?

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  1. Like your website. Keep it up! NATO, CIA, IMF, EU – they are all the same thing – anglo-american tyranny, aimed at slavs.

    Wszystkiego najlepszego.


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