…not to lose Ukraine to the West.

флаг с пикирующим соколомWhat did they expect, precisely?

“Russia has pledged to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity. But the dispatch of Russian fighter jets Thursday to patrol borders and drills by some 150,000 Russian troops — almost the entirety of its force in the western part of the country — signaled strong determination not to lose Ukraine to the West.” — AP reports.

I certainly do hope so. Of course, in our strange world all sort of weird things happen, but it would be despicable for Russia to let Ukraine and especially Crimea fall under the rule of Western Europe.

Overall, I am getting stronger and stronger feeling that this whole thing with Ukraine is just a way for the West to shift the attention of Russia from the Middle East, like Syria, Egypt and Iran, towards something more immediate and close. They probably reckon Russia will not be able to deal with several problems at the same time and will concentrate on the problem on its own border rather than far, far away. Pulling Russia into this game will get the West all sorts of political benefits, tie up Russia’s resources, allow manipulation of the country’s perception abroad and so on. Even so, I believe Russia must not abandon Ukraine.

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