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Public PGP/GPG Keys

Try using PGP for the e-mail communication.

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. This is a public-key encryption tool that allows you to encrypt and sign e-mails and files. I encourage you to use PGP encryption and signatures in the e-mails as well. Actually, I use now a GNU implementation which is called GnuPG and I recommend it for you as well.

The GnuPG signatures are used for the distribution of the software at Tigr.net.

Getting the keys

I revoked my old PGP key on March 24, 2001 so you should not use that one anymore. The new key is a GnuPG key but it should be usable with PGP as well. Please, get the new key and the revocation certificate if you did not do it yet.

The public PGP and GnuPG keys are available at

PGPNet provides WWW, FTP and e-mail interfaces to the database and is very easy to use. Please, use this public service to retrieve the keys.

Local copies

The public keys are also kept locally just in case. However, you have to remember that there is a danger that the key was exchanged for a fake one. This is a public server and it could have been broken into. Therefore getting a key from a couple of different places to compare is a good idea. I also have the key fingerprint in the signature of all my e-mails so if you happen to have some e-mails from me you can check that.

KeyWhere to getKey fingerprint
albert-revoked.asc C9 49 D0 F3 41 FA 8C D8 E9 5C 6A D4 F1 6D 65 15
GnuPG albert-gpg.asc EDF4 CEA9 4CBF 0FAF 02B3 5839 B871 C957 3953 115F

Last revision: May 22, 2010