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Various articles and papers

This is the collection of articles and some other bits I wrote on occasion.

Basically, I do not do much of (non-professional) writing. However, sometimes an occasion arrives and I end up with an article of some sorts before I know it. So here is the place where I collect such occasional pieces just for the hell of it.

  • Unlimited Power (2000) by Anthony Robbins is a typical book for ya middle American. Even so, it contains the description of the most prominent elements of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I actually liked the book despite its populistic character. I did this summary of the book for one of the courses in my MBA study. Postscript is available too.
  • Linux @ Work info day report (1999) is a short report I wrote after going to Linux @ work info day in Amsterdam on October 15, 1999. This is a summary of the information I gathered for the Brussels Linux User Group members that were not able to attend this event. (Text version)
  • Self-regulation or police state? (1999) is an article I wrote to express my concern with the Memorandum (now defunct) which was published as a result of the Bertelsmann Foundation meeting in Munich in 1999. The article was published at Technocrat.net (now defunct).
    A copy of 'Bertelsmann Memorandum' is available here in PDF format and plain text.
  • Device Drivers and Frameworks (1998) is a paper I wrote to express my dissatisfaction with the trend of applying frameworks wherever possible without thinking just because it is fashionable.

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