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Various old software

This here is the software bin where unused software ends up. Like a local software heaven of sorts...

This bin is for the software that I used some time ago and ended up basically abandoning. Someone may find it curious though, so it is still all here.

AfterStep related software has its own dedicated location here.


Serial is an old program for DOS I found when going through a pile of old diskettes. It is a VT100 terminal emulator written in object-oriented Pascal. At the time it was a good exercise and I used it a lot when working with serial-line based communications (anyone remembers VAXes yet?).

I never quite finished the VT220 emulation though but VT100 is complete. The file transfer protocols were never completed either. It is quite sophisticated nevertheless. It supports multiple terminal windows and can do logging of the sessions. There are also some funny bits that have nothing to do with the terminal emulation as such, like screen savers :)

I am releasing it now under the GNU General Public License so you can use it for whatever you like. There is a tarball of sources that can be compiled under Borland Pascal 7.0 with the Run-Time Library. There is also the final executable compiled for 286 with math coprocessor. Get it all here.


Well, doo is a web script to keep a TODO list. I had used it for a while to keep the list of things I needed to do on the web for myself. Eventually, though, it turned out that the good old notebook and a pen are the best tools for tracking your TODO lists and making other notes. So it fell to disuse. The version 1.1 is available here.

Last revision: December 20, 2010