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Conference papers and presentations

This is the collection of articles, presentations and papers written and presented at conferences.

ICCC #2, Brighton, UK

My first appearance at the International Common Criteria Conference was in 2001 with the paper titled "Sony Smart Cards and International Evaluation". At that time we finished our contactless smart card evaluation, first in the world to reach the EAL4 level, normally reserved for contact cards.

ICCC #6, Tokyo, Japan

I presented the paper titled "Software Component Evaluation - A Developer's Perspective" at the 6th International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC) in 2005 in Tokyo. This was an intentionally provocative paper to attract attention to the necessity of component evaluations in the smart card community. I also keep the original presentation and other working documents here.

The paper is also available from the ICCC #6 official web site.

ICCC #10, Tromso, Norway

Certificate award picture
Certificate award ceremony

I wrote a white paper "Policies vs Threats: Clarifying the Security Target" for the 10th International Common Criteria Conference of 2009 in Norway. The presentation is available here in its updated form as presented at the conference.

My presentation was prepared based on the experiences with moving two product certification projects onto the new CC v.3 platform and re-designing completely the policy for the security problem definition from scratch. The underlying ideas that were worked out during the previous year’s meetings with the evaluation laboratories and certification bodies were presented and supplied with examples that stemmed from the finalized evaluations of the two products and taking into account the feedback received from the Dutch and Spanish schemes.

The presentation was well received, although some participants joked that it was “not controversial enough”, referring to my presentations in the previous years that usually generated much heated discussions. This time it was basically received positively and without opposition. Several people came afterwards to congratulate me on the concepts so clearly defined and explained and requested to receive the accompanying white paper.

The presentation (as originally submitted) is also available from the official ICCC #10 website.

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