Re: [As-users] Configuration Documentations and samples.
Sat, 2 Oct 2004 19:09:40 +0200 (CEST)


if i am not wrong by default documentation is available in html format on=
installation of afterstep.
start afterstepdoc - should work on your systemt too.
there's also an online version at ...

i know afterstep's documentation is not in a good shape right now. but al=
60% should be there (327 entries missing out of about 800). being almost =
only one working on documentation it just takes time - so please be patie=
nt :)
if you have anything to add to the docs, send it to me, and i'll add it t=
o cvs.
(source of docs is in src/ASDocGen/source in afterstep-source dir)

also 1.8 docs still can be very usefull...
not to forget all config files are human-readable, so looking what is in
/usr(/local)/share/afterstep/ can also give you a clue what to do...


Niklas Lunger
aka born2late

P.S.: i did not really understand what you want, so perhaps someone else =
answer your question.

> I'd like to use afterstep because=20
>  1) it is far away from MS style.
>  2) it is really nice.
>  3) it is user programamble.
> I thing I did forget it for a few years because it was'n any more in fr=
ont place of the Linux
> distributions. Now, only the heavy ugly kde (not so ugly than the MS st=
yle but...) and the a
> little bit lighter Gnomes are suggested.
> But right now I need to performe some action when the user change of pa=
ge un order to use a
> separate instance of the same program. This does'nt seem to be possible=
 the usuals windows
> manager.=20
> But I did remainber than Afterstep offer that flexibility. I'is the rea=
son why I back to
> Afterstep. But the current state of the
> documentation of version 2.0 is hard to use for me. Are there somewhere=
 a good documentattion
> for configuring actions.
> I do need the create small sticky menu to select the appropriate workin=
g area and redirect the
> external resource (other than keyboard,mousse) the the most appropriate=
d application
> sub-window. That should not be hard but first I didn't succed to call a=
 function from the
> winlist. Then, ...
> Are there somewhere some goo examples ?
> Tanks for any help.
> --=20
> Jacques Silberstein <>
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