as configuration: popups are hidden, wharf is left behind during

Jeffrey Regier (
08 Aug 2002 02:57:48 -0400

I switched to using Afterstep about a month ago, and since have been
extremely pleased. However, I have not been able to resolve two issues.

1. Dialog boxes (alerts, save boxes, etc) always popup behind already
open windows. More exactly, any new window opens directly behind the
center of the window that spawned it. Is there any way to change this,
so that save boxes (for example) aren't hidden.

2. I'm using EdgeScroll to navigate a 4x4 virtual desktop. Scrolling is
fine, except that my wharf and pager are always left behind on the first
screen of the desktop. Is there a way to have these modules travel with
me (ie. remain tethered to the desktop picture rather than moving with
the layer of windows)?

Thank you for any advise. I look forward to becoming a contributing
member of this group.


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