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Frank Gore (
Tue, 1 Jan 2002 20:01:51 -0500

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> There are two things you can do.  Both involve the use of button 2.
> In the pager, you can use button 2 to drag and drop any window into
> another pane of the desktop.  But the handiest is that you can (with
> button 2, again) drag a window from the pager on to the current
> screen.  That may also work from other desktops; I don't know because
> I use only one.

Woohoo! I like that one best. I had no idea I could do that (the second
option). Now if only I hadn't accidentally formatted the wrong hard drive
and deleted all my files for the last 3 years...


p.s. I don't want to hear any rude comments about "backups"

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