Misc issues

Frank Gore (fgore@sympatico.ca)
02 Aug 2002 23:12:24 -0400

I've saved up all my issues for one email :) Actually, I've had this
email open for days and I've been adding issues to it as I come across
them. I'm a long-time AS user, but I recently switched over to a new
computer and felt this was the perfect opportunity to re-do things from
scratch (my old setup was quite the frankenstein).

1) When I drag a window around by the titlebar, if my mouse cursor
accidentally touches one of the "boundaries" of the desktop, everything
seems to freeze for a few seconds. This seems to be only a visual
freeze, because everything jumps a few frames when the image starts
moving again. Is there any way to keep this from happening?

2a) How can I make it so that I can drag my windows onto other screens
of the same desktop without experiencing the delay set for
EdgeResistance in the feel file? I like to keep this value high because
I'm a klutz with the mouse and often switch desktops by accident with
the default setting, but I hate having to wait 1.5 seconds for the view
to switch when I'm dargging a window. Window Maker allows this, but I
hate Window Maker.

2b) Is there any way to pan to different desktops without using the

3) When clicking on the wharf with my #3 mouse button, it collapses to a
corner of the screen. How do I determine where it should collapse to?
This seems to happen completely randomly, and right now my wharf
collapses underneath the Pager (eek!)

4) Has ANYONE ever been able to get OffiX DND to compile?!? I've been
trying for 2 years, and I STILL can't get it to work. I've noticed the
as-devel on CVS has an OffiX directory under includes, but it seems to
be mostly useless.

5) Is there any way to make the tiles of Wharf slide-outs different from
the main Wharf tiles? Or would I need to make a slew of super-size
different icons to accomplish that?

That's it for now! I'm sure I'll find more things to gripe about though,
and then when I'm sick and tired of putting up with it, I'll suddenly
become a master AS coder and solve all the world's window manager
needs... or not.


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