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Bob McClure Jr (
Sat, 3 Aug 2002 20:44:15 -0500

On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 11:12:24PM -0400, Frank Gore wrote:
> I've saved up all my issues for one email :) Actually, I've had this
> email open for days and I've been adding issues to it as I come across
> them. I'm a long-time AS user, but I recently switched over to a new
> computer and felt this was the perfect opportunity to re-do things from
> scratch (my old setup was quite the frankenstein).

I'll take a shot at this one.

> 2a) How can I make it so that I can drag my windows onto other screens
> of the same desktop without experiencing the delay set for
> EdgeResistance in the feel file? I like to keep this value high because
> I'm a klutz with the mouse and often switch desktops by accident with
> the default setting, but I hate having to wait 1.5 seconds for the view
> to switch when I'm dargging a window. Window Maker allows this, but I
> hate Window Maker.

There are two things you can do.  Both involve the use of button 2.
In the pager, you can use button 2 to drag and drop any window into
another pane of the desktop.  But the handiest is that you can (with
button 2, again) drag a window from the pager on to the current
screen.  That may also work from other desktops; I don't know because
I use only one.

> <the remainder left for others to tackle>
> That's it for now! I'm sure I'll find more things to gripe about though,
> and then when I'm sick and tired of putting up with it, I'll suddenly
> become a master AS coder and solve all the world's window manager
> needs... or not.
> Frank

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