Re: Some Q's about AS-1.8.0

Ushnish Basu (
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 15:05:20 -0700

> >I have a few questions about configuring AfterStep 1.8.0 which I haven't been
> >able to resolve myself. I want to do the following -
> >


> >2) Change the behaviour of mouse clicks in the Pager. Specifically -


> >   b) in the event of the mouse being clicked to change desktops/viewports, if
> >      the click is on any particular miniature window, then that window in the
> >      target desktop/viewport should get focus automatically, without having to
> >      move the mouse over it. 
> This could be debateable.  Maybe one just wants to get to the specified
> Desk and there are many windows there, this could be a very annoying
> feature.  What if you don't want your current window to lose focus, but
> just need to reference a paragraph in the document you're viewing on the
> next page? How nicely would this play with the FocusStyle settings?  This
> may be more trouble than it's worth, but perhaps a configuration option
> can be added...Other opinions from developers?...Sasha? ;-)

Here's an idea - what if each viewport (or each desk) is allowed to have its
own focussed window? The rule for selecting the window to be focussed could be
set by a configuration option, e.g. choices could be a) the last window to
have focus stays focussed (in a particular viewport/desk), irrespective of
where the mouse is clicked in the pager, or b) a window gets gets focussed if
the mouse is clicked over its image in the pager.

In fact, whether or not to have individual focussed windows in each page/desk
could be set by a configuration option.


Thanks about the RTFM stuff - guess I should have gone through the config
files a bit more carefully. 


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