Some Q's about AS-1.8.0

Ushnish Basu (
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 18:35:48 -0700


I have a few questions about configuring AfterStep 1.8.0 which I haven't been
able to resolve myself. I want to do the following -

1) Set a delay before the balloon help that is displayed when the mouse is moved
   over a button in the title bar.
2) Change the behaviour of mouse clicks in the Pager. Specifically -
   a) clicking button 2 (without dragging) on a miniature window in the pager
      should only bring it to the top, not move it as well
   b) in the event of the mouse being clicked to change desktops/viewports, if
      the click is on any particular miniature window, then that window in the
      target desktop/viewport should get focus automatically, without having to
      move the mouse over it. 
3) Change the color of the box that is drawn around the selected viewport. 

Could anyone give pointers as to how to do these?



Ushnish Basu          
+1 510 644-1906
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