Re:WM interoperability spec for KDE/Gnome
Wed, 5 Apr 2000 10:04:05 -0500

>In a recent Slashdot interview, Miguel de Icaza tells this:
>    The WM spec list has been working for a few months
>    on getting an inter-operable window manager specification for
>    developers to use (and both KDE and GNOME as well as the
>    various active window manager maintainers are contributing to
>    this effort).
>My question is, how well will AfterStep cope with this?  Are the
>developers on the wm-spec-list?

I do now :)
Althou any progress on specs seems to be stalled.

>Not sure if this really belongs to as-users rather than some other
>as-list, but at least it will impact AS users in the long term if they
>want to use AS with Gnome or KDE.

These specs are for developers primarily and do not affect end-user much.
They will be used by things like GNOME Pager, Window Maker Dock, etc,
which means that most AfterStep users would not benefit much from it.



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