Problems Running AS 1.6 w/ Caldera and KDE

Steve Fielding (
Sun, 30 Apr 2000 06:35:26 +0200

  I have had problems using AfterStep 1.6 with Caldera, KDE 1.1.1, and
XF86 3.3.4. I installed it last week and at the time, everything but
the KDE menubar, menu, and window buttons worked. I then switched back
to KWM so I could locate the problem.
  However, XF86 3.3.1 completely crashed after switching WMs and I
have spent the last 8-9 days fixing this crash. Everything is back
online and I upgraded to XF86 3.3.4.
  When I returned to AS tonight, I discovered not only did the menu
not work, but it would not come up at all! I have also got the problem
with the KDE menubar and window buttons not working on top of this.
However, the wharves, icons, and desktop menus (i.e. Games, WWW, Work,
etc) do work.
  Is there anyone out there with similar problems or knows what's
going on? I sincerely wish I could provide more information, but this
is all I can give at the moment. Any and all help is appreciated and I
give thanks in advance.
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