Re: Afterstep not working with Gnome
Fri, 28 Apr 2000 09:58:34 -0400

What I do may not be the best advice, but it works fine for me:
Usually, I just run gmc when I need it, no .gnome-session or anything
else.  I found gnome to be evil as well, even in the so called 100% gnome
compliant WM's.

Sometimes I'll actually start the Gnome module in AS via the modules menue
or by typing Gnome & on a terminal and switch to the gnome feel for the
menues, but not often.  I will say that AS seems to run Gnome really well
with the module, I just don't like the ugly gnome menue, maybe some day
I'll learn how to make it look better.

Only downside I've seen to not starting Gnome first is that the last Desktop
Icon I clicked will stay highlited.  Oh well, gmc still works fine for me.

If operating like this can cause any serious side effects, I'd like to
know, but I've doin it for quite a while on many systems and haven't had
any noticable problems.

- Derek

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, Coplan wrote:

> Before anyone jumps on me, I did read the FAQs and the backlogs of this
> mailing list.  
> Essentially, When I run Gnome (from my ~/.xinitrc: exec gnome-session),
> and X starts, the window manager doesn't start.  I have the WINDOW_MANAGER
> environment variable set to afterstep -- and I have the afterstep set as
> the default (current) window manager in the Gnome Control Panel.  When
> starting via startx -- I just don't get any transients or any window
> manager features for that matter.  Any ideas?  I've tried all I've seen so
> far.
> I really only want to use gfm (I think that's what it's called, the file
> manager with desktop icons) -- not the panels. In that situation, would
> I still need to run the gnome-session, or is there a safe productive way
> to run the file manager without the rest of gnome?  Otherwise, the only
> other thing I use Gnome for are the games, and they don't need the entire
> environment.
> I appreciate any help one can offer.
> Thanks
> --Coplan
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