Francisco Rojas (rojas@ece.arizona.edu)
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 09:25:57 -0700 (MST)

Can anyone reccommend pixmap sizes for the option DecorateFrames 1 in the
look files. The afterstep man page says the following "The frame width
and height are defined by the width and height of the associated pixmaps"

If I set a frame border equal to 5 pixels wide. Afterstep either
truncates the border to 0 or set's it equal to the title bar width.
I have probably set my pixmaps incorrecty. I would like recommendations as
to the sizes that I would use.

FrameNorth      n.xpm
FrameSouth      s.xpm
FrameEast       e.xpm
FrameWest       w.xpm
FrameNW     nw.xpm
FrameNE     ne.xpm
FrameSW     sw.xpm
FrameSE     se.xpm

Thanks in advance,


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