Re: AS on Caldera 2.3

T. Tilton (
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 10:32:58 -0500


The XPM distribution is available on the koala ftp server at 

It is available both in source and binaries for various systems. It
includes the library, the header file, and the two programs sxpm 
(to show xpm files) and cxpm (to check xpm files). 

In addition, you can also find it at 

You can also get it from the Debian packages site;

NOTE: that for Debian distro's there are dependency files also.
You should also have installed on your system;

libc6 : GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone data 
xpm4g : the X PixMap library 
xlib6g (>= : shared libraries required by X clients 
xpm4g (= 3.4k-5) : the X PixMap library 
xlib6g-dev : include files and libraries for X client development 

I don't know if other distro's will have these same dependencies
or not (I wouldn't think so but....)

On my Debian system the xpm.h file is in; /usr/X11R6/include/X11/

Hope this helps,


Tracy Tilton wrote:
> Greetings all!
> After happily running RedHat with AS for dog years now, I decided to break
> everything and try out Caldera.
> It dosent seem to ship with AS so, I downloaded 1.8 (which I still run
> on another RedHat box)and realized I had no
> libxpm, lipjpg or libpng, so I downloaded all of the tarballs from
> metalab.
> jpg and png compiled fine but libxpm keeps complaining about no xpm.h file
> and it certainly is not on my machine anywhere.  I manually installed all
> the XF86devel packages from the Caldera CD and searched all the rpm
> packages I have to no avail, still no xpm.h
> Anyone know where I can find this???  Can I take the xpm.h file from
> another box? I really have grown to despise the KDE WM and desperately
> miss my wonderful AS desktop that makes everyone go
> Derek
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