Re: AS on Caldera 2.3

David Mihm (
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 13:28:50 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 17 Apr 2000 wrote:

> Greetings all!
> After happily running RedHat with AS for dog years now, I decided to break
> everything and try out Caldera.

	Red Hat hasn't been around for 7 years, aka 1 dog year (well not
really, as dog years are more of an exponential increment, but we won't
get into that here).

> It dosent seem to ship with AS so, I downloaded 1.8 (which I still run
> on another RedHat box)and realized I had no
> libxpm, lipjpg or libpng, so I downloaded all of the tarballs from
> metalab. 

> jpg and png compiled fine but libxpm keeps complaining about no xpm.h file
> and it certainly is not on my machine anywhere.  I manually installed all
> the XF86devel packages from the Caldera CD and searched all the rpm
> packages I have to no avail, still no xpm.h
> Anyone know where I can find this???  Can I take the xpm.h file from
> another box? I really have grown to despise the KDE WM and desperately
> miss my wonderful AS desktop that makes everyone go

	Pakages are split between the binaries and the headers/includes.
The packages you downloaded from metalab/caldera must have been the banry
only.  You need the -devel packages of each of the image libraries as


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