Key bindings question.
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 09:08:44 -0500


Thu Apr 13 14:05:23 PDT 2000

>Hi all,

>I like to use the keyboard whenever possible.  In fvwm2 it's easy to
>navigate the popup menus with keystrokes as long as you define "hot
>keys" when you set up your menus.
>I'd like to switch to afterstep since it seems well maintained and
>efficient, unlike fvwm which seems to be floundering.  My big hang up is
>that I can define "hot keys" on the menus in afterstep, but I can't
>figure out how to assign a hot key to a submenu.
>Suppose I have the following menu structure:
>Start -> Machines -> Bilbo
>I'd like to be able to type <F1> to pull up the main menu, "M" to select
>the submenu "Machines" and finally "B" to fire up a window on the
>machine Bilbo.

You edit your key bindings in feel file ( see FAQ on info about feel file )
Make sure you have a line that reads :

Key  F1   R   A    Popup    "Start"

That will let you get menu on F1.

Now in menu edit every item and add & before each character that you want to use
as shortcut . For example :

In your ~/G/L/A/start/Machines/Bilbo  file you should have something like :
Exec "&Bilbo"  exec xterm -e "telnet Bilbo"

check out for more

>This is easy in fvwm, but so far the only thing I've been able to do is
>the last part "B" for Bilbo by putting an "&" in front of the "B" in
>Bilbo in the title of it's menu entry.

>Any help here?



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