Click problem with AS 1.8.0

Randall Hopper (
Thu, 13 Apr 2000 13:59:59 -0400

Hi.  I just upgraded from 1.6.6 to 1.8, and I've about got everything set up.
It was a much easier install than in the past!  No source hacking required.

However, a new bug I found that I've hit many times today is this: 

   If I have a window that touches the top of the screen (xmag confirms
   this), pushing the pointer to the top pixel row of the screen over the
   title bar and clicking there does "nothing".  

Afterstep doesn't register this as an event for the window and doesn't fire
the window decoration event handlers (Mouse 1 FS ...).  I have to move the
pointer down a pixel or two to get it to send an event to the window event

This is a real problem for me.  I typically keep my larger windows
(editors/xterms/etc.) touching the top of the screen, and then I can just
ram the pointer up to the top and click Button 1 or Button 3 to switch
between them.  It works fine with 1.6.6, but it doesn't in 1.8.

Hopefully it's just an off-by-one error in pointer handling, but if anyone
has a patch for this or knows what module to dig in, please let me know.
This is one of those little bugs that's really annoying for how I use
Afterstep, and I'd probably switch back to 1.6.6 if I can't resolve this.
(Note that I'm not averse to digging in module source if someone can tell
me which one.)


Randall Hopper

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