GNOME and AS interaction
Thu, 8 Jul 1999 08:29:35 -0500 (CDT)

I am using GNOME and I use the GNOME panel which is placed horizontally
at the top. 

I have buttons on titlebars which maximize windows veritcally and
vertically/horizontally. Before I started using GNOME the maximize buttons
would utilize the whole screen.  After I started using GNOME the maximize
buttons place the top of a window at the bottom of the GNOME panel.

I can hide the panel and click a maximize button and and the window will
maximize to the top of the screen. Then when I unhide the panel it comes
out on top and stays on top regardless of what I do.

I would like for the maximize buttons to utilize full screen all the time
and would like to be able to put on top or background the GNOME panel as
focus changes. i.e. if a window has the focus I would like it to be on
top of the GNOME panel.

::::: Gene Imes :::::