Re: Afterstep *too* smart?

Ethan (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 03:31:01 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Jan Sacharuk wrote:

> I was wondering about AS's handling of windows that are rapidly opened
> is a little too smart. I'll explain further.
> Occasionally, I dive into my favorite Anime newsgroup, select all the
> articles, and come out with a few hundred binary pictures. I don't
> bother being selective when I'm getting them. When I look at them,
> though, I sort them. I call up xv and page through them, deleting the
> ones that I don't want, keeping the ones that I like.
> Simple enough.
> Now, when I was using 1.6, every time I paged to the next picture, the
> top left corner would stay anchored, and the geometry of the window
> would change. If the image were particularily large, and threaten to
> go over the boundaries of the screen, the top left corner would shift
> accordingly. 
> Now, when I do the same thing, AS seems like it's trying to be a
> little smart about it, and cascades the windows as they open, so the
> images (assuming they're smallish, and about the same size), will
> slowly drift to the bottom right corner of the screen, until they run
> into the borders. Since I use point to focus, and I have all of my
> wharf stuff on the right, this is really irritating.
> So, is this functionality there by design? Is it a bug? And can I turn
> it off?

It's a bug.  Patch 8 should fix it.  Thanks for mentioning it!  It had 
been mentioned before, and I got too busy to fix it... I'd almost 
forgotten the bug existed.

Ethan Fischer