Afterstep *too* smart?

Jan Sacharuk (
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 21:28:17 -0600

Hi all.

I was wondering about AS's handling of windows that are rapidly opened
is a little too smart. I'll explain further.

Occasionally, I dive into my favorite Anime newsgroup, select all the
articles, and come out with a few hundred binary pictures. I don't
bother being selective when I'm getting them. When I look at them,
though, I sort them. I call up xv and page through them, deleting the
ones that I don't want, keeping the ones that I like.
Simple enough.

Now, when I was using 1.6, every time I paged to the next picture, the
top left corner would stay anchored, and the geometry of the window
would change. If the image were particularily large, and threaten to
go over the boundaries of the screen, the top left corner would shift

Now, when I do the same thing, AS seems like it's trying to be a
little smart about it, and cascades the windows as they open, so the
images (assuming they're smallish, and about the same size), will
slowly drift to the bottom right corner of the screen, until they run
into the borders. Since I use point to focus, and I have all of my
wharf stuff on the right, this is really irritating.

So, is this functionality there by design? Is it a bug? And can I turn
it off?



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