Dual-headed displays

Tom Hummel thummel@segosf.hlo.dec.com
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 14:45:05 -0400

I've just installed Afterstep 1.6.10 on a dual-headed system
and I'm having trouble getting the correct colors for the
start menu and title bars to appear on display :0.1.  It
almost appears as if the color map ran out of colors.

Display :0.0 works fine and all other aspects (besides
coloring) of display :0.1 work as well.  The video cards
are identical, and I even tried several other dual-headed
systems and I get the same behavior.

One note: I always get the following warnings when logging in

AfterStep: Another Window Manager is running
AfterStep: Another Window Manager is running

-- Tom

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