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Thu, 01 Jul 1999 08:44:11 -0400

Marc Owen wrote:

> Hi,


> First of all, sorry for this undoubtly very stupid question I'm going to
> ask - but I can't find a newbie-list here, so... heh.


> I'm using the lastest version of afterstep (1.7.90), and
> everything works fine, except I always get my pager, winlist and wharf on
> top of my application windows. This is quite annoying, as (for example)
> this makes using my scrollbar in Netscape impossible :). If I click on the
> window's title bar, it comes on top (above everything else), wharf UNDER
> it, but when Netscape gives a msgbox (like the 'warning, the information
> you're about to send is possibly blah blah blah') or a 'save-as' box, it
> stays under the Netscape-window too. This sucks, as I sometimes sit there
> for hours waiting for a submission-confirm box that never comes :). How
> can I put wharf, pager & stuff in background, my application on top? The
> 'to foreground / to background' from the menu doesn't seem to help a lot.

Have you considered this (from the man page) where wharf and pager and winlist
would be WM_NAME, with StaysOnBack as the option needed:


This file contains window properties for application windows which controls
their "behavior" within afterstep.

Style WM_NAME option[s]
     The "WM_NAME" can the window's name, class or resource string. It can
also contain wildcards such as "*" or "?", which are matched in the usual UNIX
filename manner. Using the standard X11 xprop(1) command at a command prompt
or the Window Properties menu item entry under Desktop menu entry will return
this (and other) property.
          The option[s] is a comma separated list containing all or some of
the following keywords. If conflicting style options are specified, the last
one will be used:


StaysOnTop | StaysPut | StaysOnBack
               StaysOnTop causes the window to always try to stay above all
other open windows. If the window was explicitly lowered, it will loose this
charateristic until explicitly told to stay on top again by calling the
Buit-in Function PutOnTop. StaysOnBack causes a window to always try to remain
behind all open windows. The default is StaysPut implicitly for all windows,
which doesn't specify any specific stacking order of open windows.

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