all kinds of probs...

Mitchell Ullman (
Wed, 28 Jul 1999 23:04:02 -0400

Hi guys, I haven't posted here much, just listening to you guys, fixing things
in silence, but this is really odd stuff happening.  I just downloaded ver
1.7.111 and ran the ./install.script(this is the first time i haven't done
everything "manualy") and everything seemed to install correctly.  OK here is
where the fun starts.  I go in and try to change the look and it starts to,
then X crashes... sig 11...  I startx and poof! there is the look i asked for. 
Pager, after closing it... trying to use asetroot instead... decides it wants
to eat about 98% of my cpu cycles.  I had to kill it five or so times.  Then, I
notice something that really made my skin crawl: only two buttons on the title
bars work.  the kill/close, and the zap(?) button(the first one) but it
min/restores the window... none of the other buttons work.  I even uninstalled
as, then did everything manually, but no such luck.  
thanks for your help,